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I recommend you the ASSIMIL method. I want to eat a mango. Tommy's hands were tightly clenched into fists. Do you really want to move to Boston?

Lar's awake.

I don't understand your words. Oooh, get a move on. We'll end up late! Come on, I'll tie your shoelaces for you. He's really sensitive to heat and I'm sensitive to the cold. What should we do about our bedroom? I regret not being able to join you. You could've answered that question. I'm not sure whether Fred has ever been to Boston or not. He went by the name of Johnny. I want to hear a story! Raise your hand if you have finished the composition. Boyd and Srinivasan wanted to be together.

The poor man finally became a great artist. Oskar is a fur trader. Quite a few people came to the party. Are you back to stay? This isn't your fault, Dick. I told you it was going to be cold. What time does the bank open? I think we're ready to go. I want someone to talk to.

I will never have a daughter. Kaj was a bit desperate. They're wonderful. He made his way to the minister. A lot of people live for the future, not for the present. You shouldn't have doubted me. I just want to get off this island.

He revised his exam paper with attention. You said you'd talk to her. A bunch of people told me not to eat there. My shoulders feel stiff. The couple has been falling out over what TV program to watch for over a week. The cap is too small for me. Hand me the knife. I can easily get lost in a new environment. I'm only a newbie. They speak Spanish in Mexico.

Rich hasn't eaten anything yet. My dog is also watching TV. The party ended at nine.

We fast-forwarded the film. The American mission is to eliminate communism from the world. Where would you like to go first? I recommend that you don't do that again.

I'm always forgetting people's names. He listened to music in his room. Keith asked Kee to stay, but she didn't want to. Gideon had nothing to do with this. He broke his arm and they had to put splints on it. I only wish there was some way I could repay you. I don't think that Nhan will ever come back.

You shouldn't do too much. The teachers ordered them to stop fighting.

My father went out just now.